The Double Breasted Suit

Posh boys getting wasted at boating events and pinstriped bankers power-dressing in the 1980s: the double-breasted suit was always going to have its work cut out to stage a revival.

Yet in 2011, the style began slowly making its way into fashion. The double-breasted jacket found unlikely pair of celebrity ambassadors in Prince Charles and David Beckham, who has become a fashion King. Arguably, Prince Charles has long favored the look but it was places like the red carpets in Hollywood where the shocking resurrection took place. Leading men have been early adopters: Jake Gyllenhaal wore a black Ferragamo tux for the Oscars while Ryan Gosling opted for a grey Gucci DB suit for a premiere.


And now, in 2014, it has become even more popular; popping up in fashion shows all over Milan and Paris. Check out our collection at Ottavio Nuccio Gala UK and see our top 5

Do’s and Dont’s for the double-breasted suit.


1. Add at least one killer double-breasted suit to your wardrobe this Summer. Apart from being on trend, it is perfect for any occasion and will soon become your go-to suit when you need that extra confidence.

2. Keep your jacket fastened until you sit down. No exceptions.

3. Think simple. The double-breasted suit is a bold statement in itself so avoid any loud patterns.

4. Get ready to channel your inner Al Pacino because you will look that awesome.

5. Wear your double-breasted suit everywhere and teach your fellow commuters how its done.


1. Worry that you have to have over the top confidence to pull off this look. Double- breasted suits have made a huge come back and have been Americanized which means they are a lot more toned down than previous years.

2. Fasten the bottom button. Ever.

3. Snap your wallet shut when it comes to tailoring. These suits project alpha-male confidence and must fit right to complete the look.

4. Worry if you still have a bit of belly from, um, the winter? If anything, the extra flap acts as a corset and sheds those extra pounds. If you are still worried, go for darker suit to hide the gut and get a slimmer outline.

5. Take a staring and finger pointing as an excuse to run home and hide. You look awesome and everybody knows it!

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