Importance of Accessorizing for Men

For a man to look perfect and don a complete look, just a good pair of suit or a nice & stunning shirt, is definitely not enough.

A perfect look comes from the very details that Men sometimes choose to consider unimportant. Take a cue from the ladies, who can make themselves look marvelous even in a simple dress, by just putting the right bracelet on their wrist. So don’t underestimate the power of accessorizing – even for Men.

Men can enjoy being awed at if they follow the simple tips and do it right. While the right suit can definitely turn around heads, but addition to accessories like the right pocket square, foulard or a suave cummerbund can make you the star of the event.

  1. A handkerchief should always compliment and be paired up nicely with the bow tie or cravat.
  2. If you want to skip the Bow tie, Tie or Cravat then just a little handkerchief or handkerchief is a good idea.
  3. A classy pair of cufflinks can add the needful to your handshake! We know this sounds barmy but believe us when we say that the right pair of cufflinks can take you a long way. It’s important to be careful when choosing cufflinks, as loud colour or tacky pieces can dampen the attention of the outfit by being too attractive.
  4. To spice up the Tie a little bit and give it a finished look, a dainty tiepin is a great idea. A good tiepin can add the necessary touch of elegance with a subtlety.
  5. If a tiepin is not your thing, then you can turn to tie-bar. A tie-bar can be worn in office as well, because that what gives you a disciplined look. It would help you look focused in your Monday morning meetings.
  6. If your suit is all one colour, then a simple and elegant way to add vibrancy is by pinning up a brooch or a flower pin. If chosen carefully, it can dazzle the suit.
  7. A man is judged from his shoes. The shoe pairing decision can make of break the look. Many shoes can pass as both dressy and casual but we believe that the charm of the shoe is in it being a square toe-ed.
  8. Highly contrasting stitching for a formal belt is a strict NO-NO. The buckle shape is a matter of choice, but we at ONGala UK prefer edgy square buckles!

Accessorizing isn’t a matter of choice anymore for Men, but a need and if taken seriously it can be quite fun. Even for special occasions like wedding, the groom and his ushers can create a whole dressing theme just using a play on accessories. So next time you go shopping, remember to check out the accessories section.


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